Shalimar Group consists of four individuals who are doing different business including business with Pakistan Railways.


To be the leading investor and wealth creator of value driven businesses


We will maximize profit by investing in businesses that share our vision and fulfill our investment criteria to achieve growth and return aspirations on a consistent basis. We will intrinsic value by incorporation efficiency and capability within our existing operations and through our investments. We recognize that our organization is built around people who are our most valuable asset.

Quality Statement:

We associate with world leaders in order to adopt technologies and processes that will enable a leadership position in a large spectrum of activities. We are focused on assuming leadership in all our targeted fields. We seek to be the most preferred employer wherever we operate. We always are the partner of choice for customers, suppliers and other creators of innovative concepts. We will continually increase the long-term value of our group for the benefit of our people. We will be a major contributor to our National Economy and take full advantage of our strong resource base. We commit ourselves to the ongoing mission of achieving Scientific Excellence.

Management Team:

The management team of Shalimar Group consists of professional experts who have ambition to serve our valuable customers with their utmost potential and professional skills.


Business Details:

Shalimar Group as Partnership firm was registered on 31st July 2012 with the Registrar of Firms. We have established our head office at Suit no. 2, 3rd Floor Gohar Centre, Wahdat Road Lahore.  Shalimar Group has participated in the tender bid for the commercial management of new train between Lahore and Karachi. We feel great honor that the commercial management of Night Coach Express Train between Lahore-Karachi via Faisalabad in the evening has been awarded to Shalimar Group by the competent authority i.e. General Manager/Operation.

The inauguration ceremony would be expected in last week of December, 2012. Shalimar Group has been fully ready to perform its professional potential in operating said train with no further delay. Our infrastructure and other arrangements are under entire control for commencement of all operations. Shalimar Group will provide Rs. 100 Million to Pakistan Railways for the repair of locomotives dedicated to this train.  

Business Ethics:

Business Ethics and Core Values constitute the basis on which Shalimar Group conducts its business. The Partners and the employees of Shalimar Group are the custodians of the excellent reputation for conducting our business according to the highest principles of business ethics. Our reputation not only affects whether or not someone will do business with us, it is also determines whether we are proud to be associated with Shalimar Group.

We are committed to conducting our business activities in honest and sincere alignment with our Core Values in full compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations. We also believe in treating our employees with the same principles in order to build mutual respect, confidence and trust based upon integrity, honesty, openness and competence.
In order to maintain and enhance our reputation for integrity in our business, it is important for us individually and collectively to adhere to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards.

Core Values:

At Shalimar Group, all our actions are based on and guided by the following values:

We will conduct ourselves with uncompromising ethics and honesty at all times, in all situations, both professionally and personally.

We respect the dignity, rights and views of others and will provide unrestricted opportunity for personal advancement to employees irrespective of gender, ethnicity, beliefs, cultures and religions.

We will be accountable as individuals and as employees for our ethical conduct and for compliance with applicable laws and policies and directives of the management.

Commitment to Excellence:
We will drive and achieve results while pursuing the highest standards and maximizing the use of resources.

We are committed to work as a team to achieve common goals whilst fairly recognizing and rewarding individual contributions on merit.